Veecards is the free app that enhances the address book on your smartphone


Code Atlas is proud to present its first service developed entirely by its team to the public: Veecards.

Veecards is a service for managing your contact information and for synchronizing and self-updating the address book of your smart devices.

In Veecards everyone takes care of keeping their profile updated and defines the sharing rules, so that their contact information reaches only the desired people.


Why choose Veecards?

Veecards is the free app that enhances the address book on your smartphone, without changing your habits.

Do you still enter your contact details by hand? What if someone changes their email address or phone number? How do you know?

Your contacts are constantly changing, and it is difficult to keep the data up to date: old and incorrect information often remains in your address book.


The idea

With Veecards, each person only takes care of creating their own business cards, and the app will then share the updated data with all contacts.

Got the news? You no longer have to enter the cards of all your contacts, but only yours! And when a friend updates his profile, you will receive the new data instantly in the address book of your smartphone!



Are you still filling out your address book by hand? Let Veecards keep it updated.


Always updated

Alice has a new phone number. Did not you know? It’s already in your address book!



Smartphone unusable? No problem, your address book is always close at hand on your devices.



The information you want to whoever you want: a veecard for every situation!



New job position? Share it with your contacts.



End of false data: verified numbers, emails and social networks have a distinctive icon.